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What is Science Centre Delft?

Experience real science!

Science Centre Delft turns Delft University of Technology inside out and allows you to see the rol technology an science plays in society. As a visitor, you are invited to participate in and contribute to its devopment! Inspiration, creativity, timeliness and true interactivity are the principles behind the Science Centre, putting humanity, designs and buildings first.

It is a quest; exciting and unfinished, just like real science! 

Amazing Technology

In The Amazing Technology room you'll experience the 'wow'-effect. Touch, take part and experience in a room full of amazing equipment, fast experiments, measuring equipment and exhibits such as the Nuna solar car. All of the object are the result of real research, teaching and graduation assignments and competitions entered by TU Delft students and scientists.

Work spaces

At the work spaces it's time for (inter)action! Here TU Delft faculties, together with companies and other institutions, are working on solutions for tomorrow. You are invited to contribute ideas en participate, or just come along for a look round if you like.


Test developed technologies yourself in the labs. Prevent a dike breach, walk in the shoes of a surgeon, or race the Nuna solar car. The Science Centre has a game lab, where serious games can be tested. These are games that are used to experiment with reality. Furthermore, the Science Centre also has a bio lab, a robot lab and a sport lab.

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