Robotics Edition

Join us now on the robotics edition of the TU Delft Backstage Tour!

After the successful launches of the university and heritage edition of the TU Delft Backstage Tour we are now offering a Robotics edition. During a 1,5 – 2 hour tour one of our TU Delft students will introduce you into the world of Robotics where you will learn about the latest developments.

The Robotics Edition

Robots are slowly taking over the world and the  people in Delft are working hard every day to find new applications. Drones, 3D printers, robots in medical applications and more: you will start to find it everywhere. With a lot of laboratories, startup companies, experts and more than 170 researchers under the name of Robovalley, Delft is on its way to become the robotics capital of the world. During our Robotics edition of the TU Delft Backstage tour you will get an unique opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of what is going to be next silicon valley in robotic applications.

Book your tour now!

Does this sound interesting to you? From the 1st of may onwards you will be able to book a tour and learn about the latest developments. We are offering a unique opportunity interesting for both young and old to have a closer look at the opportunities of tomorrow. We will take you over our campus , through our labs and show why Robovalley is so special. The costs will be €10,- p.p. and you can register on our webpage. Besides the scheduled tours it is also possible to book a tour on Monday to Fridays between 9 and 6 PM. Please contact us for more information.

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